Bureau Van der Wijst

Designs for exhibitions in the NAi in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and the Singer Museum in Laren, The Netherlands.

The ‘J.J.P. Oud – Philip Johnson’ exhibition in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) revolved around the work of these two architect friends. The spatial basis for this exhibition was formed by a system of light-blue tables that started low and became increasingly higher to enable people to view all objects, from furniture to models, at comfortable eye level. The exhibition started outside with a wooden surface in which the title of the exhibition had been carved out. The wooden surface continued on to the inside and guided visitors to the exhibition room and the various objects.

The subject of the Singer Museum exhibition ‘Leven in een verzameling’ (Living in a Collection) was the Meentwijck Collection, the largest Dutch private collection of applied arts from the period of 1890-1940. A large part of the collection can be found in the Meentwijck villa, designed in 1912 by the renowned Dutch architect K.P.C. de Bazel. The starting point for the design of the exhibition in the Singer Museum was to recreate the spatial atmosphere of this villa. The support framework for the works of art was an abstract form of the chic interior in vibrant red. This enabled the museum to display the collection most effectively and show each piece to its best advantage.

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