theme parking

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and The Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB)

Closed assignment.
How can you make the Park & Ride facilities (locally known as Transferia) and long car parking more attractive?

Sometimes car parks are crowded, at other times they are empty. A lively atmosphere is important if you want to attract people and tempt them to park their car in this particular kind of place. To achieve this objective, the obvious choice was to give the parking facilities additional functions. That way, parking becomes not just a bothersome interruption of the journey somewhere at the city’s periphery, but a moment of quality time.

Research into lively parking facilities provided a variety of appealing scenarios:
A parking place with a lottery number, so that the owner of the parked car automatically participates in a draw; mobile workplaces; parking among trees with the opportunity for a picnic or recreational activities; discount on parking places colour-coded to match the colour of the car, resulting in large colour fields; parking on hardened grass and between livestock; or a combination of specific line patterns for various sports activities; or slightly lowered asphalt to create an ice-skating rink. This would give parking facilities on the periphery of the city a new dynamic dimension in public space.

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