the big bench

Grijsen Park & Straatdesign

Design for a park bench.


This bench can be found on streets and in parks throughout the Netherlands. The aim was to design a classic park bench that was also modern and sturdy. It is the archetypical outdoor bench with clear lines, as if drawn with a thick marker pen. It says: ‘I’m a bench and I’ll still be standing here 200 years from now.’

The bench is substantial and invites people to sit down. It has a very comfortable seat angle.
The bench has been finished with great care, without visible screws, and therefore has a neat appearance, front and back. Two castings enclose the wood on each end of the bench. These so-called H-profiles are stylish elements and very functional at the same time. Moreover, they are identical for all versions of this bench type and therefore cost-effective.

The bench does not use planks but small boards and can therefore be produced in different lengths, without the seat’s surface sagging in the course of time.

Nominated for the Dutch Design Awards 2008

Bjorn van Holstein

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