binoculars benches

Haarlemmermeer Municipality

Design public seating areas for the northern periphery of Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands.

The source of inspiration was the view across the polder towards Hoofddorp and Schiphol Airport. Looking into the distance you see meadows, a few farms, some cows, a rabbit dashing away, but also cars meandering through the green landscape and an aeroplane flying over.

Binoculars bring the landscape closer to you. They guide your gaze and enable you to discover details. The form of the ten benches was based on a pair of binoculars: they are quirky icons in the shape of binoculars where you can sit down and enjoy the view across the fields. They are positioned in different directions and constitute striking landmarks between Nieuw-Vennep and the polder.

The benches are made of white, almost reflective concrete and suggest eyes staring at you. The effect is similar to an animal’s eyes that light up in the headlights of passing traffic.

It is a wide-open area where wind and rain have free rein. The benches are designed to offer shelter and privacy, where you can take refuge with your family or sweetheart.

Escofet 1886 S.A.
The Binocular Benches are available at Escofet. Escofet is a Barcelona-based industry that designs and manufactures quality, high-class products in architectural concrete and cast stone.

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