redevelopment of coastal strip

Bergen Municipality

Redevelopment of coastal strip and the most important shopping street in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands.
Execution is still in full swing.

The coastal strip at the seaside resort Egmond aan Zee is unorganized, fragmented and somewhat decrepit. The design’s concept was described as follows: an extended, varied stroll along special places by the sea. A path through the dunes and along the boulevard, with here and there ‘rooms’ where people can enjoy the view, walk to the sea or just have a moment of rest. For example, a wooden platform on top of a dune, to relish the panoramic view. Or broad steps to the beach where people can sit and watch the sunset together.

The emphasis is not so much on a landscape in need of a large-scale, new redesign. The crux of the plan is to create a continuous route over the coastal strip of dunes – small, linked together areas whose character is enhanced with unique elements. Consistency in the use of materials and identical maritime street furniture ensures that the entire coastal walk conveys a harmonious atmosphere.

The seaside stroll is perpendicular to Egmond aan Zee’s most important shopping street. This street, as well as two squares, have been completely redesigned in tune with the concept for the boulevard and the rest of the coastal strip.

This assignment is being executed in collaboration with Veenenbos en Bosch landscape architects.

Bas Princen

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